What Are The Best Embroidery Machines? Our Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for the best embroidery machine for you? I want you to get a top quality machine, so I have researched what I think are the “better” embroidery machines available right now and listed them all in the one easy place to help you decide.

My Best 3 Choices For The Best Embroidery Machines

#1 Brother SE400

Amazon ImageThe Brother SE400 is the best I have seen for the quality and price. This machine is well designed, all round great performance and plenty of extra functions for any skill level. Very good price for the quality and features. The SE400 has received “A heap” of positive reviews.

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#2 Janome 350E
Amazon ImageOur second choice is the Janome 350E for it’s simplicity of use. This is a great over-all embroidery machine suited for beginners to advanced, not the cheapest but a real high quality machine.


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#3 Brother PE500

Amazon ImageI really like the features on the PE500, this Brother machine is also a top seller worldwide and for good reason. Packed with useful features that will help with just about any embroidery project. A great all-round machine for beginners and advanced users.

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Types Of  Embroidery Machines?

Computerized – Embroidery machines have come a long way since the simple sewing machines of the past. These days they are mostly computerized, which is not a bad thing since they now have the ability to help make projects much easier. You only have to select the type of stitch for your project then the on-board computer pretty much sets it up for you.

Not ony are Embroidery Machines far more advanced in features but did you know most machines also have USB’s ports? This is a great feature to look for, USB ports allow the user to easily connect the machine to a computer which is fantastic for uploading patterns and saving settings and much more…

Free Motion – The free motion embroidery machine is more for tailoring, although not computerized this type still has many uses. More suitable for advanced users as they do not have the ability to load any pre-made patterns like the computerized machine can.

What makes a Top Embroidery Machine

I personally think the perfect Embroidery Machines for you will be the one with the features and functions you plan on using it for, within the price range you have set. If your a beginner maybe start with a basic (but good brand) to get started with.

The brand should play a big part in your decision. Sometimes it is better to pay a little more for a reputable brand, this way you know your getting a quality machine, which usually comes with better support if needed, better instructions, and just better performance.

What we think?

If your a beginner or advanced try the computerized embroidery machine as they have many more options that cut the time it takes for making projects way down.

If you know what your doing and have used an embroidery machine for a while, and do not want or need all the extra functions that are included with the computerized models then stick with a good quality Free Motion Embroidery Machine.